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Montana REAL ID Documentation Requirements

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Enjoy a Convenient Real ID by Bringing These Documents to Your Upcoming Renewal

Whether you’re obtaining your license for the very first time or you’re interested in exchanging your standard license for the REAL ID, our team at MVD Express is more than happy to lend a hand. We proudly offer the REAL ID to residents of Billings and the surrounding area, and our friendly staff can help answer all of your questions. Check out our FAQ page to learn more about the REAL ID.

Documentation You’ll Need for a Montana Real ID

Be Sure to Bring Acceptable Documents from Lists A - C & Possibly D to Prove a Name Change


Documents That Prove Name, Date, Birth, and Authorized Presence
Provide one (1) of the following:

  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Consular report of birth abroad
  • Permanent Resident Card, form I-551
  • Certified US birth certificate (cannot be a photocopy or a picture)
  • Valid, unexpired US Passport verified by USPVS
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Valid, unexpired out-of-state REAL ID driver license
  • Form 1-766 or Form I-688B unexpired employment authorization document
  • Valid, unexpired out-of-state REAL ID identification card
  • Unexpired foreign passport with a valid, unexpired US employment authorization document, accompanied by form I-94 or I-551 stamp
  • Documentation issued by a federal agency demonstrating authorized status
  • LIST B

    Documents That Prove Montana Residency
    Provide two (2) of the following:

    1. Phone bill
    2. Utility bill
    3. Valid Montana credential
    4. Vehicle registration or title
    5. School transcript or report card
    6. Rental agreement or rent receipt
    7. First-class mail with postmark
    8. Pay stub
    9. Credit card statement
    10. Mortgage document
    11. Expired Montana credential
    12. Insurance policy
    13. Bank statement
    14. Voter registration
    15. Expired Montana REAL ID credential
    16. Montana hunting/fishing license or permit
    17. Montana or federally recognized tribal identification
    18. Tax document
    19. Certified court documents (including a judgment, court order, warrant, or subpoena)
    20. For those without a permanent address: A written statement on letterhead from a Montana social services agency verifying residency status and descriptive address

    *Note: All documents that you provide MUST have your name and physical address (a PO box will not be accepted) displayed on the document and be either unexpired or dated within one year.

    LIST C

    Documents That Prove a Name Change (Such As Marriage)
    Provide one (1) of the following per name change:

    1. Certificate of Naturalization
    2. Certified certificate of marriage
    3. Certified divorce decree
    4. Certified marriage license
    5. Certificate of Citizenship
    6. Certified dissolution of marriage
    7. Court order granting name change
    8. An equivalent documentation of marriage or domestic partnership from the issuing government jurisdiction
    9. Certified domestic partnership registration
    10. Certified declaration of marriage
    11. An equivalent documentation of dissolution from a court of competent jurisdiction


    • When providing proof of name changes, MVD will accept foreign documents when translated.
    • All documents must be unaltered, and some provided documents must be certified by the issuing agency.
    • If you are unable to provide a required document, you may request “exceptions processing” for MVD approval. You must complete a form, provide a good reason for the exception, and give additional or alternative documentation.
    • When accompanied by an adult, minors do not need a REAL ID. However, they can still apply for a REAL ID.
    • MVD Express cannot issue REAL ID for non-US citizens.

    Visit MVD Express Today!

    If you have questions about the required documents listed above, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at MVD Express. Once you have all of the documents you need, head to our location in Billings and get your REAL ID! We look forward to seeing you.

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