Whether you’re driving around Montana or going through security at an airport, there are many different reasons why you will need a valid driver’s license on-hand. Because your license is valid for so long — eight years if you’re between the ages of 21 and 67 — it’s understandable that you may forget to renew your license until it is already expired. Luckily, at MVD Express in Billings, we make it fast and easy for you to renew an expired license. Give us a call to learn more, or stop by our facility to get the renewal process started!

Driving With an Expired License

As the expiration date on your license approaches, you need to start thinking about renewing your driver’s license and possibly even make a plan for when you want to go. In the state of Montana, you can renew your driver’s license six months prior to the expiration date. You also have the additional three months after the expiration date on your license to renew.

It’s important to note that even if you wait to renew your Montana driver’s license until after the expiration date has passed, your driving privileges expire at midnight on the expiration date, and your privileges are not reinstated until the renewal is processed. As a result, if you are pulled over and found guilty of driving with an expired license, you may face penalty fees.

Changing Your Name and Address on Your License

When you go to the driver’s license exam station to renew your license, you will need to inform the person helping you of any name or address changes. If you recently moved, you will need to inform the MVD of the change within 10 days as required by law. You can easily do this electronically free of charge, or you can go to the driver’s license exam station if you desire a new photo and the new address printed on your driver’s license. If you change your address in person, then you will need to pay the replacement driver’s license fee, as well as the MVD Express convenience fee.

Those who have recently changed their name will need to provide additional information to prove their legal name has changed. Additionally, if you are renewing your license and changing the name printed on the card, you will be required to do so in person at a driver’s license exam station.

Once you arrive at the station, you will need to provide one (1) of the following documents to prove your legal name has changed:

  • A divorce decree or dissolution of marriage
  • A declaration of marriage filed with the district court clerk
  • A marriage certificate from the issuing government jurisdiction
  • A decree or judgment from the court granting a name change
  • A U.S. Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services certificate of naturalization.

Once you have paid the fees and provided the necessary documentation to prove that your legal name has changed, you can also apply for a replacement license with your new name.

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