Moving to a new state can be a stressful process, from packing up all of your belongings to finding a new place to live. However, it can also be the start of an exciting new adventure. If you’re planning to move to Billings, Montana, then it’s a good idea to do some research before you move, and in today’s post, we will discuss four things that new residents should know before they move to our beautiful state.

Once you move to Billings, there are a few things you will need to do within the first three months. In addition to unpacking your boxes and getting settled into your new home, you will need to register your vehicle in the state of Montana and get a Montana driver’s license. Luckily, MVD Express is here to make it easier to complete all of your MVD services. Currently, we offer titling services for commercial auto dealers, as well as license renewal and replacement for residents of Billings and the surrounding areas. Our motor vehicle services are always growing, so make sure you stop by MVD Express, and welcome to beautiful Montana!

Montana Is a Very Active State

If you’re planning to move to Montana, then you’ve most likely seen pictures of the gorgeous scenery this state has to offer. With the mountains and streams that populate the state, then it should be no surprise that residents of Montana like to spend their free time being active. Hiking, fishing, and hunting are all favorite pastimes, and there are numerous other outdoor activities that you can do!

Even if you have a job lined up in an office when you move to Montana, you can guarantee that you won’t have trouble finding things to do outside on the weekends. A good portion of the population works outdoors, but even those who work in an office will jump at the chance to be outside.

Have a Place to Live Lined Up

Despite the fact that Montana has a much lower population density than some of the other states in the country, you may find that housing is scarce. Cities like Big Sky and Billings are constantly growing, but that also means that the housing market is not quite ideal. Many residents will commute to the city on a daily basis because they can’t afford a place to live right in the heart of all of the action.

Before you move to Montana, it’s a good idea to have a place lined up for when you arrive, even if it’s just a temporary rental. It may take time to get settled into a new home, but having a short-term place to live when you arrive is better than struggling to find a place while staying in a hotel.

There Are an Abundance of Festivals

The great thing about living in Billings specifically is that there is always something to do, from going biking or hiking to enjoying one of the many festivals that happen year-round. More than 20 festivals come to Billings throughout the year, including the Wine & Food Festival, Magic City Blues Festival, the Strawberry Festival, and so many more! You will be able to experience the local culture and cuisine while taking in live music with all of your friends and neighbors.

Enjoy Local Breweries

Craft brewing has become increasingly popular throughout the country, especially in many of the western states, and Montana is no exception. With 53 breweries throughout the state, you can find local craft beer almost anywhere! Take a brewery tour with friends and family, or kick back and relax while you try a whole flight of some of the latest creations. Interested in trying your hand at making beer? In addition to the numerous breweries, there are many people who have taken it upon themselves to make beer at home! All you have to do is pick up a home brewing kit and start making your own beer.

Visit MVD Express in Montana!

There are so many wonderful things for you to look forward to when you move to Montana, and we can’t wait to welcome you! When it comes time to tackle all of the tedious tasks at the MVD, you can rest assured that MVD Express in Billings has your back. We offer a wide range of motor vehicle services for both residents and commercial auto dealers, and we are always adding more! If you have any questions about how we can help, then stop by MVD Express or give us a call today!