The end of summer always comes too quickly, but it’s important to remember that fall brings so many wonderful things to look forward to, especially in Montana! From the leaves changing in the mountains to the crisp apple cider at your favorite farmer’s market, there are so many reasons to love the fall season.

If you plan to drive anywhere to get the most out of fall in Montana, then MVD Express is here to help! Our friendly service and consistently short wait times can help you get in and out of our facility, giving you more time to enjoy everything that Montana has to offer. Whether you’re a current resident of Billings, new to the area, or a commercial auto dealer, we have motor vehicle services that can accommodate all! Explore our website to learn more about how MVD Express can make your life easier, or stop by our location in Billings. In the meantime, continue reading below for a few reasons why we love Montana in the fall (and why you should too).

Fall Flavors

You can find different variations of fall flavors all over the country, but in Montana, we like to think that ours are some of the best. In recent years, more and more breweries have opened in cities throughout Montana, and as the seasons change, these breweries like to incorporate some of the more popular fall flavors into their brews! Visit one of the many breweries in Billings to sip a nice cold fall beer with some of your friends and neighbors. You can also check out beer and so many other fall treats at any of the fall festivals that are sure to come to town! Nothing is better than fall drinks, baked goods, and smoked meats, and you can find it all in Montana.


One of the best things about Montana is that you can go fishing at any point during the year. However, many residents will agree that the fall season offers some of the best fishing that the state has to offer. As the weather starts cooling off, the fish start to fill the streams looking for a feast that will keep them full before the winter storms hit. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to land a big brown trout, which can measure up to two feet long! Throw that fish on the smoker and you’ll have a meal that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Go for a Scenic Drive

While the food and fishing are huge draws for many people in Montana, one of the best reasons to love this state during the fall is the colors. Most states will experience some kind of change in color, but there is something about the trees changing in the mountains that really makes it a sight to behold. For this reason, many residents of Montana love going for scenic drives during the fall season, as there is no better way to view the changing leaves and fall colors than from the road. Fall is also a very active time for some of the native wildlife, and you may be lucky enough to spot some along your drive.

Get All of the Motor Vehicle Services You Need at MVD Express

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