Spring break is coming up quickly. If you’re still looking for a fun place to visit during this week off, we have the perfect place for you: Montana! There are so many reasons that make Montana a place worth visiting, and our team at MVD Express would love to share a few of those reasons with you. In today’s blog post, we’ll cover some of the pros that you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose to visit Montana during your spring break.

The Scenery

We would be off our rocker if we didn’t mention the beautiful Montana skies and mountains as the first reason to visit this state during your spring break. There’s no doubt about it, the gorgeous views and incredible terrain are without a doubt one of the most common reasons that people choose to come to the state in the first place. Regardless of where you’re coming from, trust us when we say that these views are unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Various National Parks

If you and your family love to visit the National Parks that are woven throughout our country, there’s even more reason to visit Montana. This state has countless national parks that you’re able to visit along the way, one of the most popular being Yellowstone National Park. In fact, in total there are nine National Park Service areas that you can stop and visit. From glaciers and mountains to lakes and geysers, Montana has plenty of adventure and beauty to seek out.

Tons of Trails

Aside from the various National Parks that you’re able to visit here in Montana, there are countless trails that you can spend time exploring when visiting. Whether you like to hike or prefer to bike, have spent years participating in these activities or you’re a beginner, there are so many different trails that you can take advantage of. Something that we love about our state is that every trail will provide you with a different experience and a different view. If you’re going to be here for a week, take advantage of this and see Montana in so many different ways.

Right on the Water

Something that everyone would like to enjoy during their spring break is some time on the water. Many people turn to the ocean to achieve this, but the reality is that the lakes in Montana are far superior to any day spent at the ocean! One of the reasons that we prefer time on the lake to the busy oceanfront destinations comes down to the number of people. By no means are the lakes out here empty, but there’s certainly enough room to enjoy the beach and the lake without being right on top of your neighbor. This, to us, is priceless.

Delicious Food

Something that every good trip needs is a slew of delicious places to enjoy a meal at. Though Montana may not be the first place to come to mind when thinking of tasty food, it absolutely should be! Between the fresh fish and the wild game, there are so many local places that can prepare a meal you’ll remember for years to come! Our favorite part is the food is so fresh, it can’t compare to the food you’d have at some of the most common spring break destinations.

One-of-a-Kind Culture

There’s no doubt about it, the culture of Montana is absolutely something worth immersing yourself in. The history and attitude of the cities throughout Montana create a state that is totally worth visiting. This way of life has made it so that there are various art galleries, boutiques, and museums that you can visit while in Montana. With the variety of options that you have to take enjoy while out here, we are positive you won’t get bored during your trip.

MVD Express Hopes You Have a Great Spring Break!

While the MVD is probably not going to cut the list of places to visit during spring break, we do hope that you have an incredible time while visiting. If you find yourself falling in love and making the move here, you can count on MVD Express to issue you your new Montana license. Until then, make sure to travel safely and have fun!