It can be a bit confusing when you’ve misplaced your driver’s license. Not the least of all because a “lost” driver’s license can mean a few different things. If you’ve lost your wallet or purse and suspect you’ll need to replace it, here are some easy steps to get back on the road.



6 Steps To Replace Your Missing Montana Driver’s License

1 – Thoroughly Retrace Your Steps 

Before worrying about how to replace your Montana driver’s license, the best thing to do is calmly retrace your steps to find your current license. It’s not uncommon for wallets or purses to seem missing for a while, only to turn up where we least expect them (or forgot we put them).

There’s no harm in making an appointment at MVD Express in Billings while you look for your missing ID. If you find your current one, you can just cancel the appointment and save the trip!

2 – Prepare Two Other Forms of ID for the Replacement

In order to replace your license, you will need to present two other acceptable documents to verify your identity. This can seem like a hassle, but it is a necessary protection to prevent bad actors from attempting to gain a copy of your license without your consent.

You can browse Montana’s list of acceptable documents here. We advise preparing these documents well before stopping in or arriving for your scheduled appointment to ensure that you’re not going to have to take another trip. With your license missing, that likely becomes even more of a hassle than normal!

3 – Secure Safe Transportation While Your License Is Missing

One of the major reasons it’s important to replace your driver’s license quickly is to avoid legal issues for driving without a valid license on your person. While you’re still a registered driver (assuming your license is valid), you don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re legally required to have your license with you and do not.

Additionally, not having your license could pose real issues when it comes to things beyond driving, such as flying on a plane or purchasing alcohol. The impacts of not having your license can be lessened by securing reliable transportation from a friend or relative, even if just to visit the team at MVD Express in Billings.

4 – Make An Appointment At MVD Express in Billings

We’re here to help when your license is missing. As mentioned above, we have no problem at all with you scheduling an appointment time to potentially replace your license while you continue looking for your current license in order to get you back on the road with as little interruption as possible.

Providing friendly MVD services to our customers across the state from our Billings location is our mission and we’d rather you feel secure in knowing you have an appointment ready to cancel if you find your license or attend to replace it before knowing for certain what the situation is.

Of course, walk-ins are also welcome if you’re in the area and certain your license is gone for good.

5 – Bring In Two Forms of ID & Preferred Payment

As indicated above, the only things you’ll need to bring for a replacement of a missing valid driver’s license are two forms of ID and payment for the replacement and service fee. If you have these ready to go and arrive at our facility or any state-run exam location, you should have no problems getting back on the road with a new driver’s license in a single appointment.

We always advise that you double-check your documents before arriving. 

6 – Get Back On The Road Fast!

There’s nothing left to it but to get back out there with your new license! While replacing the credit cards and other things in your wallet and purse can be a real hassle, your license should be a relatively easy (yet still important) one to check off the list.

The team at MVD Express in Billings is happy to assist you with any questions or clarifications you may require answers to. Give us a call whenever you have a minute and our friendly customer support team will be ready to help out.

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